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  1. Hello, I've just returned from Wilkocin - nice place, nice sky. We were on the southern side of square. You can find some measurements from observing http://www.skyquality.com/detail?465 . vladimir
  2. Hello Marcin, I'm friend of Cassi, we plan to observe with our Astro club from Liberec/Jablonec (6-10 people) in Wilkocin forest in the August. Wilkocin forest looks to be very promising observing place especially for winters when a lot of lights from downhills destroys the night sky in the Isera mountains. We would be pleased if you join us ! You can see some notes from our last observing from Kopa Stanislaw and some older observation from Polish side of Isera mountains made by our meber Marting Gembec. best regards vladimir
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